Time Up


Countdown timer for macOS.

 Time Up

Features of Time Up :

  1. Time Up is available on the Mac App Store, Time Up is digitally signed.
  2. Time Up is your countdown timer for OS X.
  3. Time Up is easy to use.

Time Up

Version 1.0.5 :

– Minimum system requirements required.(10.8)
– Addition of a comprehensive help.
– Addition of new alarms.
– Addition of the full screen support.
– Addition of the list resizing.
– Addition of the list printing.
– Addition of the notifications.
– Addition of the Retina support for toolbar.
– Addition of the sections.
– Addition of the time edition.
– Addition of the TXT export.
– Addition of the XML export.
– Addition of a new field for voice notification.
– Correction of the Time Up icon.
– Correction of the font selector.
– Correction of the cleaning.
– Correction of the loading.
– Correction of the help menu.
– Correction of the menu bar.
– Correction of the preferences.
– Correction of the no duration message.
– Correction of the Time Up messages.
– Correction of the toolbar.
– Correction of the voices.


Reviews of Time Up :

revised review ★★★★
par Helmut14 – 15 mai 2014
I previously had trouble working this app out. However, I’ve now mastered it – and like it! Its simple, clean and uncomplicated. Allows you to count down to a deadline or target time. Thanks.

Good Timer ★★★★
par MiraculousMouse – 5 mars 2013
A really good timer with various alarm functions at a fair price.

Details :

Price : Free
Category : Utilities
OS : OS X 10.8 or later
Version : 1.0.5

Download Time Up :

 Download Time Up from the Mac App Store

Information :